Category: Indie software

Blitz Languages & the future – part 2

After a week it seems that things are a little ‘calm down’. While speaking of ‘future’ is too much at the moment, we can look […]

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BlitzBasic & co – pulling down

After years (decades?) all BRL websites ( – – are quitting. A sad news. This is the Mark’s Sibly post on Facebook Hi […]

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Monkey X 2 1.0.0

MX2 v.1.0.0 is released and future plan are public!

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Bloniacs released for free!

After so much time (ten years!) I’ve decided to release for free my game (the only one I completed, published and sold some copies!). It’s […]

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Useful… Your customer need a specific file? an hand-made solution? And of course you want to be paid? Here’s the solution: send a file, put in […]

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MX2 – Xmax demo is out

Hi Merry Christmas to everyone! There’s a new present under the tree, a ‘working’ demo of MonkeyX2 Grab it here There’s already a V2 of […]

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