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MaxGUI – porting to NG – part 1

Migration to NG of my own MaxGUI version seems less bloody than I thought!

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MaxGUI – porting it to NG?

Converting my own MaxGUI module to be compatible with BlitzMax NG: not a simple walk!

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MaxGUI – another little hack

Sometime I would like to see immediate result interacting with gadgets: move a slider and see a value changing somewhere. So I did this little […]

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MaxGUI proxygadget – CreateButtonExtra update

I was working on a ‘work’ application that use my CreateButtonExtra() proxygadget when I discovered I never implemented the GADGET_BUTTONCHECKER. So I did 🙂 Nothing […]

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ProxyGadgets – some updates

Hi I updated/fixed some of mine proxygadgets. See the dedicated page Mainly ButtonExtra (some graphics glitch and added some new features). Nothing extra-ordinary. I’m rewriting some […]

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One of the most boring thing in MaxGUI is doing thing manually. An example? Apply SetGadgetLayout to a bunch of gadgets. If you have 2 […]

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