BlitzMax – the fallout after the closing

More than 2 months are gone after the announce & closing of the website (

At the moment I’m writing on SyntaxBomb there are 229 posts in the forum about BlitzMax/BlitzMax NG, 318 about Monkey (X, 2 and Cerberus X) and 227 about AGK.

Of course for a ‘mature’ language as BlitzMax is a ‘normal’ number (not new features, few new projects, not new user so no need for help etc).

And I’m still quite surprise about the AGK things… it has a good user base.

So it’s clear (for me at least!) that SyntaxBomb website is ‘too general’ (of course it is its own business!!! nothing bad in this!) as it has different programming section (BlitzMax, Monkey, AGK, C, Unity etc) – but it is also clear that BlitzMax is just ‘parked’ here for not losing the blitz-user base and just for ‘memory’!

Yes, we have the old ‘code base section’ in the forum (code+user posts).
Yes, we have a place were to find/chat the old user blitz-user base


we have no more a specific manual online (we need to move to to see the ‘old’ version!)
BlitzMax is ‘one between many’ languages

So, after waiting to see, I’m quite sure I’ll follow my project to open a dedicated website only (and just only) to BlitzMax.

Maybe it will be just a lost of money and time, but I still see a potential in BlitzMax that I can’t see in MonkeyX2 (in the current state). And BlitzMax NG grants an interesting future.

I’ll come back on this very soon.


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