I did some experiments and thanks to Reflections I can – finally – save even objects in the profiler’s log.

Basically when an object is tracked any single fields is considered like a ‘normal’ variable – in the same way of any other variables (local or global) I want to record.

For example, an object TEST with two fields X and Y will generate TEXT.X and TEXT.Y as 2 new record in the profiler.

I’m working on allowing to record just one or some fields: if TEST object has X, Y, W and Z maybe I would like to track only X and not the other (or just X and Y).

Next important steps in my to-do list are field-objects: I need to find a simple way to track (or not to track) them!

So I have this syntax (subject to change of course!)

In this case I want to track my variable mx, assigning to it the label MOUSE_X, setting a delay – between two records – of 100 ms

For object syntax is quite similar, but with 2 important differences

Tpoint-object is just a label, p is the object I want to track and the second Tpoint is the CLASS NAME (needed by the reflections functions/methods) – unless I find a way to bypass this !

The “*” means (at the moment) ALL THE FIELDS (probably I will allow to force the fields to track just using fieldnames separated by commas).

And even in this case millisecs means the delay.

ps: finding documentation about Reflection in BlitzMax and how to use it … is even more complicated than before!!!

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