An annoying thing I found in the local documentation with BlitzMax is the presence – in the local help integrated – of just ONE example.

Of course having more than one thing to study is much better. Having 2 or 3 examples, showing the base, the medium and the hard part of an argument could be more interesting and useful.

So I took the MAKEDOC tool and make to it some changes.

I’ve already did a little hack to gain time during building documentation, so nothing is broken 😀

This time MakeDoc will look for – in the folder DOC (if exist) – the presence of ANY BMX file that starts with the ‘command’ name. For example, in the case of the command AllocChannel will look for the presence (in \mod\brl.mod\audio.mod\doc) of a file called AllocChannel.bmx (the original example) and add it to the local help.

My hack will load any other file (.bmx) starting with AllocChannel… AllocChannel.2.bmx AllocChannelAnotherOne etc

I think it’s usesul

and here the full source

Copy in the IDE, in build options turn off ‘Build GUI app’, compile, save it in the BlitzMax/bin folder (make a copy of the original one in case something goes wrong!!!)


local_offerevent_note September 10, 2017

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