MONKEY 2 – logo test

Rain outside means boredom.

So I toyed a little with Monkey2 (and I must say that Ted2GO is a very good IDE, the better one I saw in all the BRL products – but this is another history…)

After a while, surfing on internet and with thoughts going around freely I just noticed 2 things:

  • the PINK color logo
  • the monkey logo

Well… I don’t like at all pink, moreover associated with programming/development. And the monkey logo… well, it’s called Monkey2 right?… so the logo should reflect or suggest this: a 2 head monkey? Nahh…. But a TWO Tails Monkey? Yes (Naruto style :D!)

So, in 5 minutes I did the following ‘test’.

The gears is just for possible changes… you could consider the MAIN gear (this logo) and OTHER gears around (the different targets) or the PLUG IN (IAP and ADmob)

Even those one are very ‘anonymous’ – there’s no reference to Monkey2… 


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