Do you want to know how to waste just a little of your time?

Just set up your website (= pay the hoster) to activate the HTTPs protocol and HTTP 2.0 – it should allow for a faaaaster web, well I don’t really know at the moment!

First result: on Chrome everything was screwed-up… no font, no formatting! Good, very good… then you open the website with Edge, Internet Explorer or FireFox and… everything seems ok.

Ok, let’us FireFox (Developer edition, it seems very fast!)

Second problem: accessing to login for wordpress. Nothing, something is gone wrong, no user can access to it!

So, go back to the root and turn-off HttpS/HTTP2.0: still (for now) in the ‘old’ world…

Third consequences:

Some of my (work) applications ‘connects’ to my site to get a sort of authorization code (yes, I just don’t want that MY resource could be used for free by everyone, now or in the future…)

So, of course in the moment of need, one of my application … didn’t work!

Sooooo… I made an update to my ‘old’ (very old, it was using blitz3d functions to simulate the HTTP protocol…) activation module, using Brucey’s LibCurl port: 5 minutes and everything is working (and no needs of old-spaghetti code!)

PS: I think I need to make on just a section to EXPLAIN every *potential* use of BlitzMax and of its modules! I have to write for months I believe!!!

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