MaxGUI – porting it to NG?

On my PC I have 2 different installation: BlitzMax ‘Vanilla’ and BlitzMax NG.

I’m using in 99% of the case BlitzMax standard, just because I’m sure everything works without problems: this means the modules I’m using (mainly libCURL, Cairo and SQlite) are at 100% working with the combination of MinGW+BlitzMax.

Why I’m still with Vanilla version?

Because there’s a big problem (at least for me!)

In time I’ve changed/hacked/extended MaxGUI to satisfy some personal needs: I’ve created many ProxyGadgets that require deep hack in the original MaxGUI code (I need to backup it, otherwise nothing will work anymore!)

So the main restrain for me to move to BlitzMax NG is the idea to ‘convert’ my MaxGUI module to be ‘NG compatible’!

The first solution is to take MaxGUI ‘basic’ (already available and tested for NG) and re-apply all my changes (hopying that they still works and Brucey don’t change the modules – or other – so soon or frequently!)

The second solution is try to correct any single possible errors I will match! No a great way…

To this, I must check every single ProxyGadget I wrote to verify it’s still working in NG version! Nice, very nice :D!

In any case, sooner or later, I will face this situation!

And I must be ready.

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