MaxGUI – porting to NG – part 1

It seems that things are better than expected.

I just tried to ‘fix’ (adding where needed) some of my changes (some constant, some functions – one was already added at the time in the repository! I didn’t remember :D!)

But of course there are some problems: not all the ProxyGadgets I created work: TabberManager has some problems I can’t resolve (something about a missing dot (.) in some simple declaration – working on BlitzMax Standard) while CreateButtonExtra spit errors 🙂

I think I will try to post my changes on Github (mainly the Constants I’ve added and some other functions), and of course – if Brucey want, my (working) ProxyGadgets.

In any case I will post a NG ready version on my site of  ‘mine’ MaxGUI and of the proxygadgets, as soon I found every possible errors!


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