MaxGUI ProxyGadget – ColorPicker


I just completed another proxygadget: ColorPicker

Basically it allows to select a color (… wow!) using the standard OS color requester. The differences are in the way the color (well, its own color components) is shown: as in the above image you can see the same color (white, 255,255,255) – except for the first one – shown as simple numbers (255 255 255), Hex code (FFFFFF) and in a numeric format, using 3 different spinners. The last option is to add the ‘label’ R, G, B to each component, as in the first gadget (the red color box).

When you are using HEX format you can copy/paste and edit directly the color.

Using SetGadgetText it’s possible to set the color: it’s a string in the format “red,green,blue

You can get back the current color just using GadgetText: you will get a string with single components separated by commas (“red,green,blue“)

Of course I’ve uploaded the latest version, and a change in MaxGUI drivers (I need this to add a ‘const GADGET_COLORPICKER’ as I’m changing the ButtonExtra proxygadget to use the new ColorPicker)

More information (download, install etc) in the PROXYGADGET section.

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