Proxygadgets – a little update


just uploaded the latest version of my ProxyGadgets.

Following the introduction of ColorPicker I’ve modified ButtonExtra to support this… and added a new feature (and tidied up a little the documentation!)

I’ve implemented for some gadgets created with ButtonExtra (ColorPicker, Spinner, Slider and ProgressBar) a way to pass parameters to setup ‘on the fly’ these gadgets.

For Spinner and Slider you can use the DEF field to ‘send’ a string (with comma separated values) that contains: the VALUE, the MIN_VALUE and the MAX_VALUE.

For ProgressBar the current value (you need to send a integer value, internally it’s converted in float)

ColorPicker just use this way to select what kind of color-report/selector you want to see/use.

Pretty handy and quite fast to implement.

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