End of 2017

Hallo, everyone and Happy New Year (or Happy End of Old Year!)

For the next time (I prefer don’t refer to the ‘next year!’) I put on my to-do list some things about BlitzMax & Graphio & programming-related

  • building a new ‘docmod’ tools: there’s nothing bad in the original one, but I think I will follow up the idea of Brucey to create documentation to use OFFLINE (or out of the IDE itself) – with support with NG (to test!) and of course to put online on www.blitzmax.net
  • upgrading MaxIDE X: I’m sure the only one user, but I need it and I fell at home with it 🙂
  • writing new examples (I’m already doing this) to ‘complete’ the documentation better
  • complete Evolver (my project to keep ‘up-to-date’ BlitzMax & co) 
  • improve www.blitzmax.net and see if there’s interest
  • improve my ProxyGadgets and make them NG compatible as soon as possible!
  • complete some MaxIDE X tool (GUI Editor, resource editor etc) 
  • maybe find a little time to complete or write a game (I’ve dozen of ideas, but always few time)!
  • find a proper icon & logo for BlitzMax! (and MaxIDE X): it’s time to jump ahead

I hope in a brilliant future for Monkey2 and I hope to ‘move’ to it (at least for games!)

Well, there’s already many things in the list!

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