MaxIDE X – NG support

As BlitzMax NG is growing in stability, I’ve started to implement in my own MaxIDE X some NG features… to allow the support of the new platforms and CPU arch.

In the meantime, in the internal version I’m using (1.86) I’ve implemented a ‘default compilation’ option (at the moment DEBUG+GUI) to switch easy to a standard/debug mode.

And some little bugs are gone (mainly in the toolbar – this means I’ve updated my proxygadgets to handle new features!)

The final project, when stable, should allow to the final user to use MaxIDE X with BlitzMax NG without problems. From my internal tests there are no real problems at all, just the time to fix everything (mainly the translation of the new compiling option in the languages definition), rethinking to the toolbar (adding or not quick settings for compile-option?) and upload it online.

Another thing I’ve planned (but not really clearly defined!) is some internal help/advice to check if all the tool-chains are installed or not… just planning an external tool, called by MaxIDE X when/if needed. No really a core thing.

local_offerevent_note March 17, 2018

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