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I’ve just put online my latest version of MaxIDE X 1.87 (see MaxIDE X page)

It supports BlitzMax NG features like platform, arch & appstub (it should work without problems if dropped in the BlitzMax NG folder)

An internal (now public) features is the IDE log: each operation is registered on a log file (in cfg folder) and now, under the HELP menu, there’s a new voice, SHOW LOG, to show what is done under the hood (like path, commands, etc)

Moreover there’s a ‘default’ compiling setting (debug+GUI). At the moment is fixed, but I’m planning to create some sort of ‘presets’.

About the source code:

currently ProxyGadgets and my own MaxGUI module are not BlitzMax NG ready... I need to start (from now with MaxIDE X should be … easier!) to convert both.

So to compile it you (still) need to use BlitzMax Vanilla+my own MaxGUI (or try to resolve possible errors!)

What next?

I’m testing some little external tools/applications (always written in BlitzMax) to automatize some things, like make a resource.o file (from the source), and building it automatically (I like to have a personalized icon & info about the application).

Making it by hand is… quite boring, so I’m thinking a way to pass these informations from the source code (in BlitzMax) to this tool.

Other ideas are about BlitzMax NG & tool chain: we need a way to check if everything is ready and configured.

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