Welcome to 2020


After 117 days in the year 2020 it’s time to make a short summary 🙂

Starting with good news:

New Job

after more than 17 years – trying to do my best and sacrificing most of my life & time for very ‘stupid, egocentric, unappreciative people’, I left!

It’s quite a thermo-nuclear bomb (my old bosses still now are trying to obstacle me…) but it’s also the best decision in my life. No more to say 🙂

The new job – in the IT fields – is surely more stimulating and interesting! Many things to do, many solutions implemented and to implement for the future, but I’m feeling good.

BlitzMax NG

I just downloaded the latest revision, and looked at the site (www.blitzmax.org). Reading some tutorials I realized how complex and complete is now (just discovered Operator Overloading is implemented!)

And – maybe – it’s time to move from BlitzMax Vanilla and focus only on BlitzMax NG.

Ideas, projects & future

With the new job, and (just) a little of time for me, I discovered how much time I’ve lost.

Some ideas and projects are dated 2011, or even before!

Game quite finished (started in 2007/2008…) now seems just trash: designed for 800×600 / 1024×768 screen graphics, now it’s obsolete. The code – now – seems just an experiment! I rewrote, in some hours, some of my ‘libs’ just focusing on the important things. 

Sprites, Particles, GUI… I learned a lot, and I’m quite sure the code is now clearly more polished and functional (without using advanced features, just changing a little bit the logic and having a ‘common’ idea on everything).

What I think I’ll do?

I’m happy with BlitzMax , it’s a fantastic tool.
I’m also very interested in BlitzMax NG and just downloaded Cerberus-X to develop some ideas (some very old, some new) for the web. 

I think – but this time I don’t put any ETA for my projects – I’ll complete (in some case just rewriting it) some games: one surely for PC written in BlitzMax (and maybe porting it in BlitzMax NG), while other two (very simple concept-game) will be developed using CerberusX.

The bad news?

Well, just a fuck*ng Covid-19 pandemia that stops me at home.


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