BlitzMax NG, MaxGui & ProxyGadgets

At the end I have ported my ProxyGadgets and hack to MaxGUI to run under BlitzMax NG. 

And without problems!

I had some problems with one proxygadget (spinner.bmx) – at the end I decided to change the name of quite every function & methods in it, and – magic! – everything runs (maybe, just my idea, some internal functions were already present – like Range() – or the transpiler doesn’t like some functions/methods)

I’ve made 2 different packages in the DOWNLOAD sections, so it is possible to use my proxygadgets on Vanilla BlitzMax and on NG.

Technically – the proxygadgets source – is identical.

Just MaxGUI has some changes (byte ptr in some functions) need to run.

The only change I made is on the Spinner ProxyGadget.

I added some ‘key shortcuts’: if you press PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN, the value increase or decrease of the 10% of the range (this was already present).
Now I’ve added a small increment using CURSOR KEYS (up & down) and the key HOME and END to move to limit of the range.

Another step… the future will be only BlitzMax NG

local_offerevent_note May 1, 2020

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