site… gone!


(ten minutes of dirty words)

my website for is fu***d!

First I got some automatic emails from Google telling me there’s ANOTHER administrator in the Google’s Search Console !

Immediately checked and removed it (fyi a russian email).

Some days after … another email from Google telling me that there’s a serious problem with my site ( the Google’s system found some ‘spam generator’ pages on my site… so, I decided to remove everything and make a fresh install.

So I did….

To backup the website (a wordpress one) I’m using UpdrafPlus… I’m using it in other websites.

For some reasons (I still asking myself) during the process of restoring, the plugin linked to another GoogleAccount (and not the ‘correct’ one specifically created for I decided to remove authentication, and make again the login in the correct GoogleAccont.

The plugin shown me the ‘wrong backup database‘ (number of files shown in the plugin and name WERE different!). I tried to clear and reinstall the plugin 2 (two!) times… but still the same wrong information (and message error about different path!) shown each time I tried to make a restore.

So – stupid me! – I choose to ‘cancel’ the list hoping it was just a glitch of the plugin … and ta-da… everything (the ‘right’ one backup!) gone!

So now… I just put a simple page and a link to BLITZMAX.ORG – the website maintained by Brucey for BlitzMax NG.

Nothing to say more.

local_offerevent_note December 15, 2018

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