New Monkey IDE in the works…

After some weeks playing around with the new ‘language’ Monkey from BRL I’ve reached to the conclusion that the most difficult thing is not the language itself (very similar to BlitzMax, with some very nice features) but the IDE.

The default IDE is – in one simple world – horrible.

I dont’ want to offend none, I undestand there were many other things to fix for the release of the product, I like the efforts for the new help-documentation system, but God! – with a language case-sensitive – AT LEAST supports the module-commands! (ie: Print is NOT supported, this means you need to type ‘Print’… print gives an error… ahaha unsopportable!)

So, I take the MaxIDE X source code, added autohightlight supports, removed (many) unuseful things from BlitzMax (who cares BlitzBasic import or GUI or THREADED…), planned some features specific for Monkey and  renamed it as ‘Primate (I think the name is quite logic…)

At the moment it works very well, I think tomorrow I will release a first version (supporting HTML5 at least – you will understand what I mean with ‘support‘… :P)

Of course the release of Jungle IDE is not stopping me (I’ve started the project after some days – very irritating – playing with Monkey), considering that the ‘demo-free’ version is usable only for not-commercial purposes.

And as MaxIDE-X, the project will be completely free and open-source.

Once I fixed some things, I will start to ‘create’ some little games for Android and HTML5 (I’ve already planned – on the paper! – three different games…)

Stay tuned

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