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Everytime I startup the MaxIDE I notice a long waiting…
I’m quite sure MaxIDE is not so complex to do ‘strange’ things at the loading, so I decided to investigate more.

I found that MaxIDE X ‘hangs’ when it needs to rebuild the ‘help’ section in the TreeView. The problem is in the command’s list: longer is, longer the time to populate the treeview…

To be honest BlitzMax has many commands (you can define how many you want) but not so many. So I looked in the ‘commands.txt’ file (it weights 1350 KB!) and I discovered there were many commands-definitions (mainly OpenGL consts…)

The reason is the Pub.Glew modules (well a new one I downloaded and installed – it’s created by the user BlabZ (see here)

As I don’t want to spent my precious time in editing other .bmx files to remove bbdoc & co references, I decided to get to the origin and change the makedocs tool.

The only change I did is to add (as command-line parameter) the modules I want makedocs will ignore.

so makedocs pub.glew means that module will not analyzed, and no commands or consts will be added to the commands.txt file.

Results? The start-up time of MaxIDE X is dropped about of 30 seconds… not bad for a such stupid problem.

Here I post the complete source with my changes.

Copy in the IDE, in build options turn off ‘Build GUI app’, and compile.

Of course I changed MaxIDE X to ‘add’ the modules I don’t want to be analyzed (in the other.cfg.txt there is a key MOD_EXCLUDED: just add the name modules separated by commas.



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