MX2 – first contact

With some days of vacation, I’ve finally decided to play with MX2 a little deeper.
As said, everything works immediately, just install, open Ted, load a source, hit F5 … and it runs!

So the ‘environment’ (even if TED is not the best IDE I’ve used…) is ready & functional.

I’ve looked deeper to the syntax.
Here, to be honest, I’m a little lost.
There’s nothing ‘bad’ – it’s understandable without problems, but the it lacks of some feelings!

Let’s give you an example (limited only to ‘graphics’ commands – mojo2)

when – after years of Blitz3d/BlitzMax – it should be a simple

And I forgot to mention that the colour range now is between 0 and 1, while we are used to 0..255!

A have a simple rule when coding: Less typing, more focus on the source.

Another example?

Before it was a simple CONST. Now is something else (a Enumerator).
Add the fact everything you type in MX1/MX2 is case sensitive, and all gets more complicated when you want ‘just’ type something to see an immediate result!

A possibile solution I’m thinking to implement, is to ‘binding’ everything I know in something ‘shorter’ and ‘faster’ to use, like in the BlitzMax syntax: SetColor(), SetBlendMode, DrawLine() etc
The only ‘new’ command should be something like SetCanvas() to determine what canvas is used.

And now I’m looking at the ‘Image’ commands…



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