MX2 first library

I’ve decided to ‘translate’ in BlitzMax the Mojo commands, just to type a little less šŸ˜€

Basically every single methodsĀ in has been wrapped in a ‘basic’ function like DrawLine() or DrawRect() instead of using canvas.DrawLine() or canvas.DrawRect()

The only difference is the need of use a SetCanvas(canvas) call to setup the ‘default’ canvas where all the graphics functions are directed.

I think it’s more readable

Here the ‘library’ (I can’t how call it honestly!)

All the functions implements – when available – the different ‘version’, using overriding.

At the moment I’ve implement just ONE ‘special’ function (missinig in mojo standard) : TileImage

Probably I will add more function – if needed.

Building up this ‘library’ was an interesting way to understand MX2 syntax & features, like the new type Recti and Vec2f.

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