MX2-103 (better than Monkey2 v1.0.3! :P)

A new version of Monkey2 language is put online (on github)

I (finally) compiled it directly on my computer (just a note: check your PATH for the CORRECT MinGW version – because the compiler is looking for something that on my computer doesn’t exist! – I hope this ‘manual’ step will be resolved in the future! – or at least put a BIG WARNING 😀

What’s new?

Well, just discovering, but many previously hidden command/classes/methods are now documented (nb: this doesn’t means there’s an HELP of any kind, just the command-class-method is exposed!)

mojox is now a ‘module’ – before it was something WIP used in Ted2 development. It seems (from some posts!) that there’s a BIG changes in it…

TED2 is already changed: closing (and draggable!) tabs, documentation in it (with search field: type TIME and all classes/methods are highlighted! fancy!)

When you hit F5/F6 (Build&Run/Build) a new animated icon (in Apple’s UI style) is shown: not the end of the world, but something that tells to the user the system is working…

Other things: there are menu voices for CONFIG (Debug/Release), and TARGET (Desktop/Console/Enscriptem). Now there are ‘direct’ menu item for Update/Rebuild modules and Rebuid Documentation.

And the most important news (in TED2): the module manager.

The menu opens a window where you can see what’s is installed, what’s new etc.

I just tested with the only module available (for now): portmidi.

Ted2 connects to the internet, download the .zip, extract it and rebuild everything. Automatically.

What’s is still missing?

Ted2 icon is the ‘default’ one (ugly .exe icon under Windows!)
Mojox: a selected windows is not clearly visible… some hack is required to ‘highlight’ the current one (or to dim out the others!)


ps: I still fighting with v103… everytime I try to compile a source code I get a mountains of errors!

The strange things is that TED2 is (clearly!) compiled and running.
mx2cc reports “version 1.0.3”


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