Monkey2 is the new language from Mark Sibly.

It can be considered a child of MonkeyX and BlitzMax: from the first it takes the syntax and the advanced OOP features, from the latter the modularity concept and the back-end structure, callback and other little things.

It has of course many interesting features (like Lamba) that make the language feature-complete and allow to write compact source code.

In Monkey2 to avoid the problems of supporting too many targets (and variations), Mark decided to use standard & proven solutions (like Emscripten or SDL) making things ‘relative’ easier to control.

Monkey2 is a free and open-source programming language. At the moment it can compile (once the toolchain is installed on the system) for Windows, Macos, Linux, Emscripten, Android and iOS.

Like in BlitzMax, Monkey2 is modular and there are already 2 modules for mobile: IAP and Ad-mobile – both at low price.

Anyone can contribute to Mark via Patreon page of Paypal





MONKEY2 Modules

IAP Module

AD Mobile module


Monkey (then Monkey X, now Cerberus-X) is a game-oriented programming language that allows you to create apps on multiple platforms with the greatest of ease.

It can be considered as a ‘time-saver’ because you write in ONE language your game and then it will be converted to run on the preferred target.

At the moment Monkey supports the following targets:

  • HTML5
  • Native OpenGL/OpenAL (Windows + Mac)
  • Android
  • Flash
  • iOS
  • XNA

Monkey-X is open source and free.

To ‘create’ an application for the different target you need to ‘install’ the proper tool-chain (Flex for Flash, Android-SDK & Java for Android, Visual C++ for WIndows and so on…)

Now, from Monkey-X is born a new project (CERERUS-X), a rename and future development of MonkeyX

Happy coding!


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