This page is dedicated to MaxGUI, a GUI module for the programming language BlitzMax.

MaxGUI is free from August 2010, see here for more info. This means that you can buy BlitzMax and start to write professional looking applications from now!

The source code can be found at this page

Here you can find a ‘resume’ of the current supported gadget with MaxGUI under the different platforms.

Install instructions:


  • make a copy of your /mod/maxgui folder
  • download the .zip file (see link above)
  • extract the .zip file in C:\BlitzMax\mod (or whatelse)
  • in MaxIDE, CTRL-D or ‘rebuild all modules’
  • in MaxIDE ‘rebuild documentation’


In the current version I’ve added these features:

autoalignment: see commands SetGadgetAlignment.

You dont’ need anymore to specify for each gadget position AND size (width or height). You can bypass these parameters and MaxGUI will handle them for you, using the ‘final’ command DoAlignment.


This command allow to add – in a faster way – several items to a gadget that support items (like gadgetbox or listbox)

The parameter object can be a string array, a list or a map (in this case only MapKeys are considered).

The select parameter indicates what item must be ‘selected’ in the gadget list.


This is a little hack to change the applied font – with a single command – of ALL the gadgets in a container (window or panel).


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