A simple hack to MakeDoc to add more than one example in the local documentation.

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An update to my BlitzMax Profiler: now can track objects (well, any fields in them).

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BlitzMax – the fallout after the closing

More than 2 months are gone after the announce & closing of the website ( At the moment I’m writing on SyntaxBomb there are 229 […]

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BlitzMax Profiler

BlitzMax Profiler – a first test for a simple profiler to save and check how your program/variables works.

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Something wrong in this world … TomsHW is the ‘regional’ (italian) edition of the more known One of people working in lost his life after the facts of […]

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Blitz Languages & the future – part 2

After a week it seems that things are a little ‘calm down’. While speaking of ‘future’ is too much at the moment, we can look […]

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