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BlitzMax Companion v.1.28

Updated to v.1.28 Now it supports: – different setup installation path (svn or via setup) – fixed some bugs on remote updating – fixed some […]

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Blitz Max Companion 1.21

Just a new version 1.21 – it adds some minor bug fixes, adds an option for auto updating at the start, allows to choose a […]

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BlitzMax Companion 1.25

Update to v.1.25 BlitzMax Companion.+ support for different URLs if any host is locked+ changed language support – new menu is shown after an Update+ […]

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BlitzMax Companion 1.2

I’ve uploaded V.1.2 of BlitzMaxCompanion.Now you can choose a separate path for BlitzMax installed via SVN and BlitzMax installed via setup.exe file.Moreover when installing Mingw […]

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BlitzMax Companion – first impact

I have created a program that manages the downloading and the installation of files (mainly related to BlitzMax language or its IDE) to simplify users’ […]

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