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Primate: going into ibernation

After some weeks of using, I discovered that some of the autohighlight features I added dont’ work well, and this can *potentially* bring to compile […]

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Primate IDE v0.47 – ‘the speaking dead man’

Latest release here The problems with the highlighter and case-sensitive fields are still present, and I really don’t know if I resolve them… I tested […]

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Primate IDE – problems!

An user showed me a problem (a nasty one…) If you type in Primate Scale scale,scale (that is valid Monkey code) my IDE converts it […]

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Primate IDE – update 0.42

I’ve just uploaded v0.42 of my Monkey’s IDE. Now it should work without problems under Windows7. I fixed some stupid bugs about file paths that […]

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Primate IDE beta – released

As I’ve said yesterday, I decided to release the first public beta of my ‘new’ IDE for Monkey language ‘PRIMATE’. DOWNLOAD IT HERE (WINDOWS ONLY)

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