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I’m working on a mp3/ogg player based on the BASS library. It’s written in BlitzMax + MaxGUI and it’s in a alpha stage at the […]

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SVN Explorer

Update to ver. 1.3 my SVN Log explorer. I’ve added some esthetic touch to the gui, and moreover I rewrote the program to manage ANY […]

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SVN Explorer v.1.1

Update to version 1.1 – better GUI layout and some bug fixes.

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LeadWerks Engine Doc Creator v.1.23

Update Leadwerks Engine Doc Creator to version 1.23.Added support for HelpIndexCreator and new links in the html page for official WIKI and TUTORIAL on www.leadwerks.com

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LeadWerksEngine Doc Creator

This program creates local documentation for the LeadWerks Engine, usable for MaxIDE. It’s based on the Wiki definitions, so the content can be updated quite […]

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Help Index Creator for Linux

I just compiled the latest version for Linux X86 of my little program Help Index Creator. I works well – I just changed some little […]

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