This weekend I’ve decided to rework on my MaxIDE code.

Mainly I decided to change the icons… I was bored to see the same old icons since 2 years!

So I modified the source code to allow:

  • toolbar background/text color
  • toolbar icons (of course…)
  • output log

Output log means (if the option is activated) every time you run/compile MaxIDE will write on a file (in tmp folder)  a ‘copy’ of the output panel.

So you can have a ‘log file’ (it’s a simple text file) to analyze the output of your program AND (more interesting) the ERRORs you find.

I think this is an useful option.

I will release source+bin (win32) in the next days. I have other little ideas around, but I think I will include in the next release.

Of course, working on the MaxIDE source code means I found error(s) or ‘lacks’ in my Proxygadget’s code (mainly in toolbar one).

I’ve updated the ToolBarExtra with new methods: SetFont, SetColorText and SetIconStrip (I’ve discovered I missed this fundamental feature in the initial release!)

In next days I will upload a new module for my ProxyGadgets (and I need to add the ‘RemoveItem’ method too!!!!)

EOF for today!

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