Monkey2 – making chaos!

I was playing (again) with Monkey2… trying to manually update some modules.
Well, I don’t know what I did, but the result is that nothing is working anymore 😀 (some strange errors about ‘fiber’ when I try to compile something more complex than ‘Print X’ )
Time to return to v1.0.0 and wait a proper ‘file’ to download & install.

Meantime Mark decided to ‘pause’ the Android-target to focus a little bit on something more important (if you read the above part it’s quite clear !!): the module manager.

On the site (not publicly exposed, see below) there’s a section where download the ‘modules’. The idea (great) is to allow to add/update any modules the user needs and allows to anyone capable to ‘publish’ their own (this step – I think – need some ‘manual’ control… none can be sure I’m downloading some ‘strange’ or ‘dangerous’ on my computer!).

At the end, Mark is working on making this thing ‘working at the best’ and from the IDE, so you should be able to open a a window inside Ted2, see what’s new or up-to-date and decide to install it, rebuild locally the code, and use it.

I’m awaiting it.

The current (beta) page of Module Manager

You need to make everything manually (at the moment) – download, unzip, build – but in future these steps should be done automatically inside Ted (on any other IDE programmed to do it.).

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