Hi, I’m Christian Degasperi (degac as Dega C)

This is my personal site, you will find some of my ‘experiments’ in programming – mainly in the BlitzMax language.

I’ve started with some little game (written in Blitz3d) then with a ‘full game’ written completely with BlitzMax itself called Bloniacs – I made for it a separate website – no more working – the ‘store’ of my game(s) in my projects!) and I’ve sold some of them!

This is one the biggest satisfaction: make something, try to sell it, and someone did buy it and enjoyed playing it! Wow!

I’ve an another project – currently in development, no many images of it have raised on the web: for many (too many…) reasons the project is in ‘hold’ (I’ve made more than 95% of the full game with more than 160 levels to play with…) but I need time to ‘finalize it’…

Well I’ll go ahead – one day this game will see the light!

At the moment I’m concentrate on my ‘real’ work (I’m an account manager for a local car reseller firm… in the last 2 years the sector had some ‘little problems’ with the economical crysis… ) and I’m using BlitzMax to create some little applications that allow me to save (literally!) HOURS of works.

I’ve decided to put away my php-mysql hand-made site and to start to use a ‘standard’ blog platform (in this case WordPress). Reinventing the wheel is not a funny thing…when you have less time every day!

With time I will ‘re-post’ all my personal content in this new blog. I hope you will enjoy and maybe you will find some useful information.



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