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MaxIDE X – 6 months later…

2 new features implemented in the MaxIDE X to ‘strict’ automatically the typing.

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MaxIDE X 1.46

MaxIDEX v 1.46 released. Bugs fix and support for new commands.

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MaxIDE X: updated to 14.3

While I was working on my Primate IDE for Monkey language, I developed some interesting solutions for that IDE, so I decided to implements these […]

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MaxIDE X 12f

A new little update! This time nothing special, I’ve added an online check for new release. Just go in the HELP MENU and select CHECK […]

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MaxIDE X 1.34.12e

Updated to release 12e Fixed a problem under Linux (no characters were typed!) and added SELECT..END SELECT and IF..END IF auto-close function. Same link here

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MaxIDE X 1.34.10

I’ve update my personal version of ‘standard’ MaxIDE. In the latest version I’ve added the support for CONSTs and FIELDs highlight, and I found it […]

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