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Today Mark/BRL has released mojo2 graphics module for MonkeyX1. I’ve tested it (only on HTML at the moment) and I must admit things are FASTER […]

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Monkey X example in a post…

This is a test I’ve uploaded a first sample of collision system and a basic level, just to check if (and how) a MonkeyX app […]

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Monkey In A Box already stopped?

The idea to have an helper for the MonkeyX language, is common! http://www.monkey-x.com/Community/posts.php?topic=8467 So I’m thinking to pause the development to see what it really […]

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Monkey In A Box

Monkey X is a great creature after all. I still don’t like AT ALL the limit of CapitalSensitive typing… but this is the fact, I […]

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Monkey trouble?

And then the ‘sad’ news. Some days ago (here) Mark Sibly, the one-man behind BRL’s product like Blitz3d, BlitzMax and MonkeyX, has posted a not […]

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Monkey GUI:some info

I have added 3 new gadget to my GUI: a progress bar, a listbox (wip) and an icon. The IconGadget is – simple – a […]

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