This page is dedicated to the ProxyGadgets, an interesting features of MaxGUI module, that allows to create ‘new’ gadgets made of other ‘basic’ gadgets.

Here you can download the proxygadgets module (includes the original one + mine, see below).

These are some of the custom gadgets I’ve created with MaxGUI:

  • Calendar
  • DatePicker
  • FilePicker
  • CheckListBox
  • ListManager
  • Notify
  • UserInput
  • ToolBarExtra
  • ProgressBar (with new graphics and types)
  • IconGadget
  • TabberManager
  • Spinner (based on the work of Josh Klint – Leadwerks)

Here there are some images (tested on Windows 32)


List Manager

Date picker

File Picker

User Input


Advanced Progress Bar


Advanced Toolbar



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